This is great item for hot summer!  With Crystal Polymer Cooling Technology, just soak the scarf in water; the beads will absorb the water and expand!

It can be used as cooling Scarf/Headband.  It can keep you feel cool for several hours when you do outdoor sport in hot summer.  This special process makes the hood has a strong flexibility and durability, in the process you use arbitrary wear in the head of folding good mood.  Make you always feel cool and comfortable when you do outdoor sports, say goodbye to the hot summer because of circulation regulating temperature.

Suitable for all outdoor activities such as Cycling, Golf hiking, Camping, Climbing, Fishing, Hunting, Jogging etc.   It Can be also used as a first aid application like migraine, fevers sprain, etc., a life saver!   This is 4 packs, so feel free to share the cool with your friends and family!


AccessoryGeeks is offering the Arm Sleeves for your protection.

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