LG did it again – after somewhat surprising us with the LG V10 less than a year ago, it is now trying to capture our hearts once again with the LG V20.  It seems to be having it all – intriguing design, hardware specs that check all the boxes, and finally, a rather saucy selection of multimedia features that make these a compelling pick for audiophiles and video-recording zealots alike.

It comes with high-end audio reproduction and recording capabilities. Plus the first to feature 32-bit Hi-Fi Quad capabilities, delivering a crisp and clear sound that reduces ambient noise levels. The duet of main cameras we knew from the LG G5 is present here as well – one camera shoots high-res regular photos, while the other sports a wide-angle lens for a greater field of view. And the top-notch hardware tucked inside the hood makes this phone an ideal proposition to power users, with plenty of processing might  to offer. While there’s no modular functionality here, the LG V20 offers a removable battery.

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