Do you have an android and an Apple device? If you’re like me, I have an Apple Tablet (iPad Mini) and a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which means I have to keep two chargers at home, at work, and in the kitchen. And if you’re like most family now a days, we have an iPhone 4 that our kids play with, an iPhone 5 for my husband, and two iPod touches. This means a charging nightmare for our family and we have charging cables…in every tangled mess of a corner in each room. Wouldn’t it be convenient if one charger worked for all of the devices? Maybe we can’t use one for all, but at least the handhelds can use one charger instead of 4.

Why then, is Europe the first continent to make it a law for electronics companies to use one charger for all devices? Lightning cable for all devices would be great for me…or maybe even a magnetic charging cable!