It’s hard and challenging to make yourself a zombie survival kit, but don’t worry because AccessoryGeeks got your back! You’ll need some massive protection and a set of offensive gears/accessories to fight back! We prepared a Zombie Kit with a selection of items from Accessory Geeks.

This kit includes everything to survive for days! First don’t forget to have your #solar chargers to power up your gadgets (no more boring days while hiding in the closet LOL); in case the Zombie apocalypse takes place during the night, you should have a lot of #battery packs. Talking about protection, we got a bunch of highly protective #case that can protect you from Zombie attacks and bites. And don’t forget to fight back! We prepared #ballpoint pen that you can use to poke them in the eye. #Monopods are also useful, struck it to the Zombie heads and take a selfie with the corpse! We have a lot of items to list here, but rest assured, you will probably need every last piece to survive, thrive and eventually conquer the Zombie outbreak.

Don’t forget that Geeks got your back !