Hello Geeks! Hope you all enjoyed your St. Paddy’s and got back home in one piece. Here at AccessoryGeeks, our job is to be the best at what we do. We are quite knowledgeable of the items we sell and also know what’s good and what isn’t with the responses and data we gather. So with data and knowledge that we have, the Geeks has decided to also review our own items to give you all some tips and extra knowledge for your next purchase with us. Here is this week’s [Geek's Review] products:

CODA S Bluetooth Speaker Phone
The CODA S is a Bluetooth device works as a speaker phone and can also be used to receive calls. What’s special about the Coda S is that it is a one-button device. If there is an incoming call, all you do is press the button and it projects the call through the speakers. The Coda S is great for receiving conference calls or if you’re in the car,you can attach the Coda S onto the visor of your car. If there is an incoming call, all you do is press the button to answer a call. Another neat thing you can do with the Coda S is attach it to the handlebar of your bike to answer calls safely. So AccessoryGeeks is a only a few stores that sell this device so be sure to go on our site to check this device out.

REDShield® Universal Phone Stand – Portable, Foldable Smartphone Stand and Earphone Organzier
Hi Geeks, Hot Pink Geek here. What I have in front of me as you may see I have two different things, one thing is a business card and another thing is an actual phone stand. Now the business card is to show reference, look how little this stand is, not to mention it will fit in your wallet perfectly. Now looking at it you’re like how is that a phone stand. I will shows you, you simply bend this out then this have there’s three little tabs and then just put it on the tab that you want. Just slip it in there, you pull out this front part and then there you go you have a beautiful, easy, simple, compact phone stand. What’s also cool about this is if you put it flat you might notice there’s this little indentations on each side, this is perfect for any earbuds, just simple wrap them around.

N-RIT Disposable Hand and Toe Warmers
Hey there Geeks Gamer Geek here from AccessoryGeeks.com today I will be showing you the N-RIT heat pad also pocket warmer . So this thing is amazing you basically take it out from the packaging, rub it in your hands a couple of times and it magically warms up. And the thing is this thing is really good for if you are the type of person who likes to go snowboarding a lot or just out in the east coast or like more northern part of the states , this is really good in keeping you warm just keep in your pockets and stuck it your hands in your pocket and this will keep your hands warm all day long.

How to Use a Pry Tool to Remove Hard Cellphone Cases & Faceplate
Hey Geeks! Hot Pink Geek here what I have with me today is this Pry tool and what does it do if you ask? Well it pries your case. So on every case has a little slot right down first the bottom you just simply put the tool in there and just start sliding. As you slide it will unhook all the edges. And then depending on how tightly your phone fits into the case, it comes right out. And then you’re ready to buy a new case and take off this one and put on a new one.

Universal Type S Smartphone / Tablet Car Mount Holder by RedShield
Hi Geeks, Hot Pink Geek here! What I have in front of me is this Type S Smartphone holder and you might be thinking what does a Smartphone holder in this little box? Well yes there is. So you open it up as you can see there is two simple pieces in here and that it’s super easy to put together you literally just click it in and you have a Smartphone holder. There is an adhesive bottom that you peel back and then it will stick. One to the lever and then it is all in there good. What is cool about this is not only can hold Smartphone but it can also hold a tablet up to 7.5 inches. So wherever you go you’re able to watch on handsfree. It’s a high quality windshield and or dashboard mount. So it’s also rotates whichever way you wanted to 60 degrees of multiangle rotation so any view on angle is your viewing angle. The sunction
cap is super strong so it securely attaches to any smooth flat surface and it’s super easy to use and go handsfree don’t get that speeding ticket while on the phone.