Well there are two ways to make that #selfie you always wanted.

First option is to upgrade your iPhone to the latest version of iOs, the iOs 8. The iOS 8 camera app includes a timer so you can make sure you are in the photo and  you can set up for the perfect selfie.


Here are the steps to run the timer on your iOs 8 camera app.

1.       Open the camera application on your iPhone.

2.       Tap on the small clock icon on the menu bar (left of landscape and on top of portrait mode.)

3.       Choose from a 3 second or 10 second timer.

4.       Smile and take a pose!


Second option is if your iPhone is running on lower iOs versions the camera application doesn’t come with timer feature so you have to download an application called “Camera Timer” on App Store.

Just follow these easy steps.

1.       Tap the Apps store icon, by default you will be sent to the featured tab.


2.       Click on the search tab to start searching, and then type “Camera Timer”.

3.       Hit install on the first Camera Timer application shown on the results, and your phone will automatically begin downloading.

4.       Open the application, and select the camera timer using the vertical option.


5.       Take a photo!

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