HTC 10 is a gorgeous device, simple and elegant up front, bold and masculine at the back.  It is more than just the company’s flagship smartphone for 2016.  The phone has the looks and specs to impress, while the software based on Android 6.0 promises a smooth, fun user experience.  The HTC 10 not only looks great, it also feels great and also cleverly engineered.  HTC 10 strikes us as a rather masculine device.  The HTC 10 and its reinvented UltraPixel camera hope to wow us with its images and videos. The front-facing stereo speakers have been dropped, but instead, we’re given dedicated woofer and tweeter, powered by individual amplifiers.

HTC 10 has its front panel covered with Gorilla Glass, way back in unibody design.  Without a doubt, a beautifully crafted packaged with a impressive set of hardware. We have come to a time that having the best design and best hardware.

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