Huawei P9 comes with the mission to “reinvent smartphone photography”.  Huawei P9 with Leica dual-lens camera running on Android 6 Marshmallow OS.  Boasting a dual-lens camera to set a smartphone photography.

The phone itself gives a sensation of elegance with its unibody metal finish and glossy screen. The 5.2-inch screen has thin side bezels but prone to fingerprint smudges. At the bottom is the 3.5mm earphone jack, a USB-C port for charging and data, and the speaker. On the back is the Leica dual camera and flash as well as the fingerprint scanner. 3,000mAh battery, there is no option to remove or replace the battery. The Huawei P9 is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

The P9 will also satisfy users who are willing to pay the price for the best of the best in mobile phone photography. Overall, the P9 is a sufficient replacement for point and shoot cameras and can even perform other flagship phones in terms of camera performance. The Huawei P9 ensures you will capture that perfect moment, every time!

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