It just takes one slip of the hand for your brand new iPhone 4 to drop on the floor and crack. Yes, many of us have experienced the suspense of our precious smart phones breaking. Don’t be more dumb than you phone and waste nearly $300 on an accident. Big spend means more care. Accessory Geeks can help you by providing an array of iPhone 4 cases, as well as other iPhone 4 accessories, to protect and fashionably style your phones. The extra cash you spend for a case is well worth it. We, here at Accessory Geeks, have felt the dreaded feeling of watching our iPhone 4’s dropping in slow motion to the floor–it ain’t pretty. Accessory geeks has an iPhone 4 case that will fit you!
For those of you who like things simple and appreciate the sleek style of the iPhone collection, then you should check out our Original SwitchEasy Apple iPhone 4 Nude Slim Case. This case has an ultra thin casing that won’t bulk up your phone. Though it is thin, don’t be fooled! The case is made of Super Strong GE Lexan polycarbonate material and will keep your phone safe from damage. Also, the case allows you to have easy access to your buttons, so you can still get the comfortable touch-screen feel. Nude is how they came out, and Nude they should stay. Check out the tutorial when you browse for the iPhone 4 Nude Slim Case!
If you still want a plastic case, but more decorum, don’t trip! Geeks can nerd you up with a diverse collection of cases–from Hello Kitty to Ed Hardy to plain colors, we got you! One of my personal favorites is our MLB LIcensed Apple iPhone 4 Plastic Case–Los Angeles Dodgers. We also your favorite team as well, so rep your city on your iPhone 4. For the majority of iPhone 4 owners who are officially obsessed with Angry Birds, we have the perfect case for you. It’s a lime green case with the graphics of the popular game. I can only give you a taste of our variety, find out for yourself how eclectic we can get!
Accessory Geek can slip on a silicone iPhone 4 case just right for you. These cases are form-fitting and have a more sporty, durable protection to your phone. You can choose to decorate your phone with designs or rock it plain. My personal favorite out of these cases is the iPhone 4 Silicone Case–White Lil Monster w/Horns. They come in all sorts of colors: two shades of blue, lime green, orange, yellow, pink, red. I like to keep my phone exciting and unique. Look at our collection and find one that will keep you satisfied.
We also have cases that are ultra protected like the Ballistic Apple iPhone 4 HC Hard Case Combo w/Holster. You can go on our website and type in this case, and find videos on test trials. People who have way to much time on their hands have thrown the phone out of moving cars going 60 mph cars and tall buildings. Even a baby have thrown the iPhone 4 in the Ballistic case and the baby’s mother said, “All is well.” Make things well for your phone if you know you are prone to break it; get this case to get full protection. This iPhone 4 case is recommended especially for those who work in environments that could damage your phone.
Accessory Geeks nerd it up by making sure your requests are met. It won’t hurt to browse through and give us a little test–we love tests! We want you to be satisfied with a working iPhone that is unscratched and unshattered, as well as, keeping your phone lookin fly.