Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And over here I am showcasing the LG Cosmos 2 hard cases. These are all the colors and the transparent ones that we have right now but we actually have over 25 different designs available on the LG Cosmos 2 hard case section, just check out the link down below. And these are all the cases that I am showcasing you for today. We do actually have the LG Cosmos 2 dummy phone that we’re actually going to try and put on. I’m going to use the red one over here. It’s really easy to put it on like and like so. And there you go, this is the LG Cosmos 2 hard case, red one. This is a rubberized feel. Overall, when you buy a case, it is very essential for you to buy a case for your phone. Why? You spend a lot of money on your phone, you want to make sure that you actually protect it. And these cases are actually really cheap. The solid colored ones are $10 each while the design are about $13 and up depending on the brand and model. But these ones are so cheap that you can actually buy like two or three at once and think of it as clothing for your phone and if you feel like having the red one on today then you just wear it today and the next day you want to change it to the blue one to match your clothes you can always change it. It is cheap and it offers a very good protection for your phone. All the ports are open. This is the speaker port, camera port. This is the 3.5-mm jack port for the earphones and this I believe is the charm port and also the volume rocker and the USB plug which is I believe the charger is here and this is the camera function. Everything is open as usual, you can still slide it. This is perfect fit for the LG Cosmos 2. I would actually recommend this if you have an LG Cosmos 2. But if you don’t like the colors that we have check out at accessorygeeks.com because we do have a lot more different colors and if you like how the phone looked like originally you can always just get the clear ones because it offers you the protection while not making your phone look funky. Look at that – we have a sticker over here to indicate this is the LG Cosmos 2 — but having the clear one isn’t bad at all. Again, this all available at accessorygeeks.com for $9.99 each and then we also have the other design ones that cost a little bit more. Those are $12.99 and if you actually have the 15% coupon that we’ve been offering through our social media channels you can get it cheaper than $10. Don’t forget that Accessory Geeks actually offers free shipping at all times within US and Canada so take advantage of that. This is Gamer Geek — you got it from a geek.