Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our product review videos. And today I am showcasing you the LG Enlighten screen protectors. We have three different ones that are already pre-cut for the LG Enlighten but if you look at our LG Enlighten screen protector section we actually have a lot of the other universal ones that you can use. But the three that I have so far is the anti-glare one which is this one right here and we also have the regular clear one and we have the mirror effect one. I don’t have the LG Enlighten to show you the difference but I would use my phone, the T-Mobile G2, to actually show you what I’m talking about. So this is the mirror effect one, as you can see you can see the reflection of the camera. The mirror effect is actually on sale for $7.99. This one is I believe the anti-glare one. And this is the regular clear one. See if you can notice the difference. And these are all form $6.99 and up. The highest one out of these three is $7.99. For something that’s less than $8 you protect the screen of your phone that costs probably $200 to replace so it’s always a good idea to have a screen protector. That’s like one of the first things that I buy every time I get a new phone or whatever, my screen protector’s all too scratched up, I buy a new one right away. It’s always good to have them. You protect the screen of your phone especially when you’re clumsy like me – you scratch it, you drop it all the time – it’s a good idea to have a screen protector. We do have the other type which is the privacy one. I have no ET on when we’re going to have it but we do have the universal privacy screen protector where you can actually cut it to the shape of your screen to make sure that it fits. If I have to choose between all three which one I would prefer I would actually take the regular clear ones because I’m not outside most of the time so the glare doesn’t really bug me. I don’t really like the mirror effect one because I don’t want to look at myself all the time but these are really popular with our female customers. So depending on which one you want, they’re all the same quality, they’re all about the same thickness, and it functions the same exact way – it protects the screen of your phone. So if you’re looking for the LG Enlighten screen protectors check out accessorygeeks.com and if you use the 15% coupon from the social media channels that we have you can always ask one of the geeks there, ask what is the 15% off coupon code. Accessory Geeks always comes with free shipping so less than $8 for free shipping right to your door as long as you live in the US and Canada. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.