For those of you in the know, is hosting a Halloween Costume Exchange event.  It’s a really fun and unique way to go green with old costumes and get new (or used…) ones!   The parents in the local community has a chance to save some money and have a little fun too!

Leg Avenue, a local company that makes costumes have even donated some costumes (25 to be exact) so that parents can exchange on a first come first served basis with brand new costumes!
But the biggest hurdles I have faced so far is trying to help our community. To add to my list of titles, our company approved on donating products to local schools since schools are now using more technology to teach our kids. Being a parent who wants to give back may not have all the resources to do so, but has approved my project. Should be easy enough…right?
The answer is…NO. It is NOT easy to just give back to the community. Just sending products to a school does NOT work. It needs to be approved.
To top it all off, this time last year, my circle of mommys got to talking and thought it might be a great idea to have a costume exchange event for Halloween. One friend suggested that I participate because I obviously have plenty of sources to do so. This year we are having the same event again.
So I asked my boss, the P in VP of (what does cell phone cases have to do with Halloween anyway?) to approve a small budget to have an event. Thankful as I was, I asked for volunteers to help with the project within the company. Our employees were so happy with the thought of hosting such a unique event that’s employees were more than dedicated.
So what’s the problem you ask?
I can’t distribute the information! I can’t ask schools to pass out flyers, I can’t stand in the street to pass out flyers, websites won’t post it, only a handful of bloggers will post it. I can’t post signs in the streets due to signage licensing issues.
What is so hard about having a free event in this economy? Aren’t parents these days wanting to get rid of old costumes and exchange it with another that actually fits this year? Kids grow out of these costumes! And, my 8 year old son who was a hot dog last year, dooes NOT want to be a hot dog again. He’s too cool to be the same costume for two years in a row!
Local schools won’t allow distribution of flyers, stores won’t allow it, Stater Brothers won’t even let us distribute flyers in front of their stores!
Anyone out there have any ideas? Any thoughts on how to get the word out to local parents? Our purpose to have a fun and safe Halloween for our kids seems a far fetched idea. I don’t want to get discouraged, but aren’t local schools in need of support?