Hey Geeks, this is AnimalprintGeek here with AccessoryGeeks bring you another product review for the original Otterbox Commuter Apple iPhone 4 4s AT&T/Verizon, iPhone 4 hard case available in black.

This is an Original Otterbox item, so it does have an Otterbox logo on it. It is actually 2 pieces in a go to your phone. So you have one piece here and the other piece here.

It is very sleek, nice looking. The black darker part is silicon, and the hard part here is a hard part to protect the phone.

It comes with the Otterbox packaging it is once again an original Otterbox Commuter series case.

All buttons are fully functional through the case, and its expose silicon corner it helps up again unexpected impact. The bump and shock protection. It is has sleek and stylish design which is very nice you can take it out when you want to partying with your friends or you can keep it with the businessman that you meet in and out the office.

It smooth Otterbox allows the case entering your pocket or your purse; the silicon plugs provide access to the audio jack and the charging port.

It does come with color of black for this specific item. It is as I said very nice with the black case, it is very sleek, nice looking, very stylish, and it is compatible for the AT&T Sprint the Verizon iPhone4s or the AT&T Verizon iPhone 4 phones.

If you have any question regarding the original Otterbox commuter apple iPhone 4 4s, iPhone 4 hard case and black, please do not hesitate do give us a call, you can reach us at 866 433 5793 our customer support line are open Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm pacific central time and there is always free shipping to the U.S and Canada.

Thanks for watching this has been AnimalprintGeek, and remember you got it from a Geek.

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