What up guys, it’s JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going be doing a product review for the Premium T-Mobile G2X anti-glare clear screen protector 2 pack in clear.

So this is a great bargain, a great deal, you’re basically getting two screen protectors for the price of one which is very rare so definitely take advantage of that. And it’s always good have a backup screen protector or maybe you’re not used to applying the screen protector and you mess up the first time. You have that backup there for you.

We do have a YouTube video for you guys to check out and to give you a better idea about the type of technique you kind of to use to apply that without leaving any bubbles there so hopefully that video will help you guys out. Check it out before you apply the screen protector and it will help, so check that out guys.

And as you can see it’s just a regular clear anti-glare screen protector. You’re going to be able to see directly to your screen and it doesn’t change the look of your screen at all. It doesn’t damage, doesn’t make it look dark or anything like that. It does have all the cutouts that you need at the top there for the sensor so you’re still able to use it, fully function touch screen. And it comes with everything that you need like the microfiber cleaning cloth that cleans off the dust and cardboard to push out all the bubbles. And this video gives you a better idea about how to actually uses it. So, it is neat because it is anti-glare and that would deflect some other glare that comes from the sun and fluorescent lights or something like that. That can be kind of bothersome sometimes.

Definitely a good bargain. We do have free shipping on top of that as well so take advantage of that and get your screen protector today.

All right, thanks for tuning in guys, and remember you got it from a geek.

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