Marvel Geek: Hey guys, Marvel Geek here with, this time going over a small product review for our Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch Batteries. This is the one battery we do have available right here. You can take a look at it. This is the standard one that does come with your phone. It does have 1800 milliamps, the standard value there, and you could see here this is the original Samsung brand; it would not say Samsung otherwise. So we do have those. So keep an eye out if it says original Samsung or original Motorola or anything like that, those are the ones that come from the manufacturers so you know good quality there. Some of the other batteries that we may have in the future, we’ll give you a quick overview of. We do have standard replacement batteries, and these are third party batteries that have a little less milliamps on them but they work great and they’re compatible. They’re not going to hurt your phone. And they’re just something you need if you want to keep it on the side. They’re a little bit cheaper so you definitely have options there. If you want to keep something on your purse or you need a second battery, definitely something to look forward to. And then the last one we have is actually an extended battery. You could see here how about thick the battery is. But it’s actually going to be a little bit thicker for the extended battery because obviously it needs more room to power the phone. So normally, it wouldn’t fit, right, with the back you have right now. Well, that’s why we have extended battery covers for. And most of our extended batteries do come with a back cover with it that you can put on the phone and it is extended out. So you can actually use it without worrying about leaving your phone open or not having the backing for it. And that’s a really great idea there too if you don’t want to carry an extra battery or anything like that or you don’t want to keep switching batteries because I know that can be a hassle. And that’s pretty much our Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch battery review. My name is Marvel Geek, and remember, you got it from a Geek.