Hey geeks, this is AnimalPrintGeek with AccessoryGeeks bringing you another product review on the Samsung Galaxy S 4G Vibrant silicone case in standard black.

This is actually for the T-Mobile version of Samsung Galaxy 4G Vibrant. It has all the cutouts for all the ports. It has a nice silicone layer, very thick and sturdy. It is bendable because it is silicone, all your ports are accessible. You can use your camera, volume buttons on the side. This has protection against any type of scratches. It’s built with stretchy silicone material which will resist moisture. It’s easily installed by stretching the silicone around your phone. It’s custom cut to fit all your ports and buttons and it is silicone rubber in black.

This does not come with a screen protector so definitely want to get a screen protector to protect your screen as well. Again, this is only compatible for the T-Mobile Samsung galaxy S 4G Vibrant.

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