What’s up guys, this is JChunGeek with AccessoryGeek.com bringing you the product review for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Anti-Glare Screen protector.

So please make sure you have the Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. And other Samsung Galaxy S2 that actually has different dimension than the Skyrocket, so please make sure you have the Skyrocket, actually that was one of the problem and confusion that all of the customers have.

If you want us to double check for you, we can definitely help you guys out, just give us a call or email, but you could most likely check it on with your carrier or you would have to look the battery on the back of your phone, the actual phone itself handling battery will show you what model of phone you have. So those are some of the ways you have to check on that.

These particular screen protectors are just one, one in the package, and it is a high quality screen protector, everything that you need is here, with the little squeezy card that’s going to help you push all the bubbles, because I know those bubbles can get annoying, and stuff like that.
And the micro fiber cleaning cloth, that’s for mobile the dust and the finger prints from your screen that you currently have, you will need this very useful and you will going to need this to remove the dust.

And the dust particles, actually what creates those bubbles, so you have to make sure it is all clear. We do have videos available for you guys. You know, to help with the visual aid, hopefully to assist you applying the screen protector, fairly simple installation and it comes with the instruction on it, with the little tab as you can see here, label 1 and 2. So obviously you would remove the first one on the other side of this, remove that one and apply on your screen, after it applied you would remove tab number two, simple.

And all the while it protects your screen from scratches, if you wonder how this anti-glare works, it is slightly different materials, it has a different feel to it, more of a matte type of finish, and it’s got a really smooth texture to it, it’s not really glide, it’s really hard to describe it. But your screen will look just the same crystal clear, it just will help you in the sun if you’re doing outdoors a lot, you know if you are out in about most of the day, the glare gets to you, then this is probably what you are looking for, and it should deflect all of the sun rays, and things like that, so you will received a screen more clear. Because it will get annoying. Definitely good investments because it will deflect all the sun rays and glares while you able to keep your screen protected.

If you do have different one available, maybe you’re just looking for regular clear screen protector, we do have those available, we also have a mirror effect, so check that one out, and we do have leather cases, we have silicon cases, plastic silicon cases, if you want the back of your phone protected as well, so definitely much cheaper than to few hundred dollars to replace the entire screen, instead pay a few dollars for screen protectors and avoid all whole cost and its inconvenient.

We do have free shipping, 24/7, 365 days a year, so check it out, let me know what you guys think, and remember you got it from a geek.

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