In an attempt to end the danger that runners and cyclists face when traveling down an unlit path as well as make a huge leap forward in the battle for energy conservation, a new technology has emerged dawning a light at the end of the tunnel; or in this case, a lighted path THROUGH the tunnel.

The British company Pro-Teq has developed a spray-on technology, called Starpath, to be applied over concrete, tarmac or any other solid surface, which absorbs and stores energy from the sun’s UV rays throughout the day. As the sun goes down, the energy is slowly released giving the surface a bright blue glow. Not only does Starpath light your path at night, it is also non-reflective in daylight and has anti-slip properties.

The Starpath technology goes completely unnoticed in daylight

Pro-Teq’s innovative surface is being tested in Cambridge, UK. This alternative to energy consuming street lights is said to possibly be put into practice on foot and bike paths throughout the city if successful.