The Masterpiece… High Perfomance smartphone with high quality camera that predicts the next motion.  Based on Sony’s camera technology, the Predictive Hybrib Autofocus in the Xperia X is a master of movement.  World’s Best Autofocus on a Moving Object.

As the name implies, the Sony Xperia X Performance is built for speed, Processing Power provided by one of the fastest smartphone chips right now.  It has backed by decent amount of RAM and storage.  With 23MP camera for the fastest image processing, you can capture the spontaneous moments.  3MP low light-selfie cam, sophisticated  XPerformance touch.  It’s style designed suit your life style, the curved edges 5 inch for more comfortable grip. Performance is well designed and the only New Xperia to be waterproof, 2,700mAh battery.

Thanks to Sony’s software on top of Android 6.0.  Equipped with a blazing-fast Snapdragon, 820 processor and Cat9 connection speed, the Xperia X Performance brings you a new level overall performance that never disappoints.

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