Large screen with a great fit.  It’s simple to see what Xperia XA Ultra is all about, as it’s got as 6 inches huge powerful front facing camera which are designed to attract more youthful user.

One of the highlight features of the Sony Xperia XA Ultra is 16MP front facing camera with LED flash and OIS, which should let you take a high quality selfies.  The handset also packs  21.5 MP rear camera, but it seems that this one doesn’t have OIS.  Absolutely no suprises here except perhaps the Cyclops eye up front that is selfie camera.  The phone is protected by a solid, metal, frame, with the display extra slim bezels.  The rest of the phone is made of polycarbonate.

So the XA is huge.  Really, really big, and heavy too.  Xperia XA Ultra might have big bright display, with quick charging but doesn’t compromise the Sony battery standard.  With a $369.  The powerful selfie camera and beautiful edge to edge display are winning traits of this phone.  It is affordable phablet with few flaws.

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