Hey what’s up guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to bring you a product review on the T-Mobile MyTouch Rubberized Hard Case in Black.

So this is the newest MyTouch that’s been released so it will not fit for the MyTouch 4G. That is a totally different dimension and size so please make sure all the cutouts matches up. If it does then it’ll most likely fit your phone. So actually this will be your regular snap on plastic case, rubberized texture, it’s very simple to install, you just snap on the case together and it will most likely keep the back here protected. There are cutouts for the camera and for the speaker, the side buttons are accessible so you don’t have to worry about that being blocked or anything like that. Keeps a nice slim look to it. Does not add too much bulk to it which is nice. The entire screen is open so you can have full access to the screen.

Overall it is a great product, great for everyday use. It’s less than $10, so check that out. Take advantage of our free shipping and get your item today.

Thanks for tuning in guys and remember you got it from a geek.

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