Hey geeks, this is AnimalPrint Geek with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m bringing you another product review on the T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 perforated hybrid hard over silicone case in black.

So this is a perforated hard cover over silicone case. What is perforated? It’s these bubbles you see, that’s the perforated edge, at the end is silicone so when it falls it just bounces. The plug here is also a silicone but the back is entirely covered. So your item is basically covered. It’s fully functional while in case. It is a
sleek, different looking, but keeps your phone very well protected.

This is a stylish perforated cover. It has a durable shell, has a really nice design, snap on application, really easy, you will not need any tools to apply it. It does protect from any scratches and abrasions, bumps if you drop it so it will keep it protected very well. It is only compatible for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 so make sure you have the T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Again the cutouts are very different for each phone and carrier.

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