Say Hello to the Google Pixel XL!  Available for pre-order on Verizon today, and available in stores online on October 20.  Verizon is selling the black and white variants of the phone.  The Pixel XL 32 GB costs $770, and the Pixel XL 128 GB costs $870.

Meet Pixel XL by Google.   It boasts a 5.5-inch Quad HD display, 12.3MP camera, which is great in low-light situations, and for the first time, Google Assistant built in.   With unlimited storage for all your photos and videos.  Its purpose would be to show off the latest version of Android in its stock form, namely Android 7.0 Nougat.  The phone is expected to be made of metal and glass. Hardware specs could include a mighty fast Snapdragon SoC, plenty of RAM, a decent amount of storage, and a generous battery that last all day.

The Best of Google on the next-gen by Verizon.  Experience Pixel XL combines hardware and software made by Google, including your favorite apps, to bring you a fast, seamless, and easy to use.  A glass aluminum body, with smooth surfaces and easy to grip curved edges.  Unlock your phone quickly, swipe on finger print sensor for quick access to all your notifications. It’s a phone we really want to

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