Many of you might be wondering…which case should I get for my awesome new phone? Well, here are a few tips!

1. Do you like a slim profile, but prone to drops? Hate the bulky cases like Otterbox? Your solution may be to go with a TPU case. TPU cases are a combination of silicone material that provides extra added protection with a little more construction to it. Search for your phone name and TPU case!

2. Do you hate carrying around a wallet and phone at the same time? Isn’t that all we really need these days? I highly recommend “Wallet Cases” to combine the two! Cases like the Wetherby line provides excellent protection for your phone, at the same time, gives plenty of space for your cash and credit cards! Don’t worry about the price tag! Wallet cases come in variety of price points, low to high. I highly recommend the Red Shield Protection Wallet cases! Wallet friendly (literally) and available in many colors to suit your needs!

3. Do you love color? Tired of dull cases? Tired of the same ole cases? Try these slim profile, but very protective cases!