Yo yo yo what's up guys? This is JChunGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com and today I’m going to be doing a product review for the Original Trident Aegis LG Revolution, also goes by the name of LG Esteem, Hard Cover over the Silicone Case with Screen Protector in black.

So this is an all black case. It's got the black silicone plus the black plastic case so if you are looking for different colors, they are available in different colors. This right here is all black though.

Really protective case. One of the best that you can find especially for this price. Very budget-friendly and if someone is kind of struggling with funds right now but is still needing a case for their LG Revolution or LG Esteem, I highly recommend this one. We do have more protective cases available such as the Otterbox, BodyGlove and even CaseMate items. But this one, it's got the same kind of concept that Otterbox has with the dual layer silicone and plastic.

Let me kind of show you how that works. This outer part here, you'll see is, it's two pieces. It's separated. It's not on entire piece together. First you're going to have to slip the silicone case over your LG Revolution or LG Esteem and as you can see, it has all the cutouts for the sensors and for the camera and all that, the speaker. So you have full access to that, none of that is obstructed. The screen is open. It does come with a, they were nice enough to include a screen protector. Comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth and squeegee application card. We also have a video on our YouTube channel so check that out and that'll give you guys a better idea on how to apply it. As I was saying, it does come with the silicone so it's going to cover, it's going to be the first layer that you're going to slip onto your phone and after that you're going to snap onto the silicone the plastic case. It's going to go right over the silicone case. As you can see it has got all the cutouts for the camera in the back and none of that is blocked. Everything else on the case though is blocked. It does, like for the charging ports and stuff like that, you will still have access to it so you don't have to remove the case every time you're trying to plug in headphones or charge your phone which is convenient. It does add a little bit of bulk but if your main concern is protection then it should be just fine. It doesn't add as much bulk as like the Otterbox Defender case but again with the dual layer, it'll make it slightly thicker than just the LG Revolution by itself. But as you can see on the bottom, it is protected by the silicone so if it's dropped on its corners, its strategically made so it has that shock absorbent protection for you.

It does come in this retail packaging so you know it's a real Trident product and this is like the second to best protection available and perfect for everyday use just because it's easy to take in and out of your pocket, doesn't make it too bulky and this one does not come with a holster is the only difference for this one. But, again, perfect for everyday use. Maybe you've got kids or maybe you're around rough work environment like construction and things like that then this item would probably be worth it for you. Definitely a good investment and much cheaper than purchasing a brand new phone in case you ever break it.

Again, will be compatible for the LG Revolution VS910 and the LG Esteem MS910. I believe it's different carriers but I believe same phone model, they just have different names for it. Here's more of a description if you guys want to look at more of the specs but please leave us a review if you've already purchased it and let us know what you guys think.

Alright guys, thanks for tuning in and remember you got it from a geek.

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