Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek with accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our review. And over here we have the universal leather horizontal pouch with magnetic closure and the belt clip right here on the back. You can slide your belt in here or you can actually just use this holder right here, this clip, and just clip it onto your belt. This is a magnetic clip right here. This is actually leather and I’m going to actually prove it with a lighter. If it’s real leather it won’t burn unless I burn it burn it but as you can see it’s not burning unless you burn the end seam because that’s actually not leather. This is actually the PUT XL size. It’s the bigger Smartphone size. I have the iPhone 3GS right here. I will try to illustrate to you the difference. You see it’s actually going all the way in and it has that gap so it is not for the PUT. We call this the PUT size. But it will fit the PUT XL sizes. This is the Droid Bionic dummy phone and it will fit right in like so and just close it, clip it to your belt. It’s actually very snug, I’m not holding the phone at all, it won’t drop. This is really good quality leather and it on sale at accessorygeeks.com for $9.99. It’s actually less than $10 and if you’ve been paying attention to our channel you can actually get a 15% off from our social media coupon and you have to actually ask one of the geeks for the coupon code because we don’t want to just give it away for everyone of course. Ten dollars, universal leather horizontal pouch with magnetic closure and belt clip at accessorygeeks.com. If you ask me if I would recommend this for people or for myself – if I have a larger phone, yes, I would definitely buy this. I love cases that actually don’t cover my phone. I’m one of those that actually prefer the phone without a case but if I have to put a case on to protect my phone because I drop my phone a lot this will be a good case to cover it. This is Gamer Geek – you got it from a geek.