Hey what’s up guys this JchunGeek again with the Accessorygeeks.com doing a product review for the Universal Battery Charger with LCD Screen in Pink and White.

This particular item was a big life saver for me just because it came in handy for me when I went travelling to Hawaii for vacation. And I carried that extra spare battery with me i was able to charge my phone battery and then charge my spare battery separately with this item. And it’s really easy to use, the easiest that I’ve ever come across. We do have other styles available but this particular one was the best one that I personally found to use. So all you have to do, if you have any question on how to use it we actually have a video here to give you guys some visual aid, so subscribe to our Youtube channel if you haven’t already. It’s AccessoryGeeks on Youtube and we have more instructional videos like this one where we show you how to apply screen protectors and take off plastics cases and a lot of the common questions that we tend to get from our customers. So subscribe to us if you haven’t already.

So again, this item was very light weight, portable so I was able to take it with me wherever I went and it even can work for extended battery types. You have that clip there to help it keep it in place so that it doesn’t come out or fall out. Get a different angle here. So you can see those tiny little copper prongs there you have to make sure that those coming contact with the copper contact that are on the battery as you can see there.

This will only work for batteries that have the copper contacts on the edges and not on the face of the battery. It won’t work for those. It’ll only work for, again, if it has it on the edge of the battery which a lot of the phones have the batteries do come that way, most of them, but not all. So it won’t work for you if it’s on the face on the battery. It has these cool, neat, pull out prongs. You can fold them in when you not using it so it doesn’t get damaged and it has the LCD charger here and it’ll indicate when its low on battery life so this battery doesn’t have any juice In it. But when it’s fully charged it will have all the bars come up and show you that it’s fully charged. Also it’ll light up like this when the battery contacts are on properly. If it’s not properly connected then nothing will show up. So we do have an instructional video, again, check that out if you have already purchased it. If you’re looking to purchase it, I would really recommended this item. It’s great to charge spare batteries or if you accidently damaged the charging port on your phone and just need the charge of the battery, this is definitely going to work for you as well.

Again it’s going to compatible for, again, fits most batteries, have to make sure that it’s on the edge of the battery. Any edge is fine, just need to be on the edge. It has a 300mAh output. Here’s some more specs on it if you were wondering. But yeah, most of time it will work and I haven’t had a problem with it yet. It’s one of my favorite items. Always at a low price and free shipping forever, every day, 24 hours a day so check that out guys let me know what you guys think and remember, you got it from the geek.

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