Hey guys, this is Gamer Geek from accessorygeeks.com and welcome to another one of our reviews. I am reviewing another yet popular item on our site. This is the universal premium screen protectors that comes in 3-pack for $8. This is basically three for the price of one. One downside to this – yes, I would have to say it has a downside – since it’s universal you actually have to cut it yourself. We actually have measurements to help you what kind of screens that you need to cut. So let’s say if I want to have it for my phone I would have to cut it to the exact dimension to make sure that it fits. The plus side – it’s universal – it works with a lot of different devices. It works even with this iPhone 4, this is our VP’s phone. As long as it fits within this entire dimension it will work. So DSLR screens in the back like I’m using a Sony Bloggie here to record so I can just put it here in front – I’m sorry to block your view – if I need a screen protector for the Sony Bloggie it will work. A lot of other cell phones actually are within this dimension. Another plus side, it’s three for the price of one. Let’s say you want to share it with your friend, so $8 divided by 3, that’s roughly about less then $3 each shipped. That’s not bad for a screen protector. It will work with a lot of different devices and it comes in three so if you have three devices you carry over all the time, it even works with your digital cameras, your point-and-shoot cameras it will work. It comes in three again, this is the universal premium screen protector. I actually use a screen protector at all costs because I drop my phones a lot. The other day I just dropped it flat-on, screen first. Luckily I had a screen protector; if not I would have scratches all over the place. This is on sale for $8. Check out our coupons, our social media coupons at 15% off. Ask one of the geeks for the coupon always. This is Gamer Geek and you got it from a geek.