Mats Valk, a 17 years old Rubik’s Cube speedsolver from Netherlands holds the current world record for solving a 3×3×3 set with a time of 5.55 seconds. Well, he’s only human. The CubeStormer 2, a Lego robot built for the sole purpose of solving Rubik’s Cube ASAP, solved it in 5.27 seconds. But Last Saturday, the same engineering team pushed the record to new high(or low I guess) with their newest model, (you guessed it) CubeStormer 3. It only took the Lego Rubik’s Cube solving robot 3.253 seconds to unscramble the cube. And best of all, it’s powered by an octa-core Samsung Galaxy S4! Check out this youtube video after the break.

I, for one, welcome our LEGO robot overlord.