The LG Stylo2 Plus is the perfect canvas for your creative ideas and endeavors.  Allowing you to design and decorate with every inch of your imagination. Big ideas need a big work space.  You can write, create, and play.

 In Stylo 2 Plus key features of large 5.7” FHD IPS Display, big ideas need a big workspace! Write or draw on the expansive screen for creation. 13MP rear camera, can capture every brilliant moment with high quality camera. The Octa-core processor equips with power multi task, while preserving more battery life, has a removable 3,000 mAh battery. The fingerprint sensor device, whether writing, sketching, doodling or captioning – just use the pen and let your story unfold.  The pen keeper will never leave your pen behind!  Stylo 2 alerts you with a pop up message if your phone is too far away.  In LG Stylo 2 Plus you can easily swap, faster, longer power to fuel every adventure. Does the LG Stylus 2 Plus excite you?

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