Motorola is back with series of Droids.  This is a US version, exclusively at Verizon for $624.  The Moto Z Droid can genuinely offer something new.  Those magnetic Mods accessories are practical easy to use. Moto Z Droid is thin, snappy and powerful smartphone.

Without a doubt, the Moto Mods module is the killer feature.  They snap onto the back of this device, augmenting its functionality by adding projector, a stereo speaker set, a huge battery. As far as specs are concern, the Moto Z is a beast, boasting plenty of memory and the fastest chip Qualcomm.  All that hardware along with the 13MP camera and 2600mAh battery, is packed inside a superslim, metal made body.  Scratch resistant glass (coming Gorilla Glass) light sensor and proximity sendor.  Still the effortless Mods are the star of the show.  Moto Z Droid and Moto Z is an exciting step in the right direction of the new generation.

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