Meet the ZTE Grand X 4, one of the heroes of the Smartphone market in 2016.  What’s so special about the Grand X 4?  Well, just about everything.  With the Grand X 4, ZTE sought to take the high quality that people can enjoy at an impossibly low price point.  Mission of the manufacturer:  “The ZTE Grand X 4 packs specs that we’re used to seeing in much expensive Smartphone, making a fast and smooth to experience accessible to anyone.”

ZTE X 4 features a big, bright display that measures 5.5 inches, HD resolution. Powering Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, 1.4GHz quad core CPU. 4G LTE compatibility means you can take also advantage of fast data speed. 16GB internal storage takes care of all your apps and basic media, support micro SD cards up to 64GB.  A 13 megapixel HDR camera on the back, ZTE managed to pack a massive 3140 mAh battery, Quick charge and a Type-C USB port is included.  There’s a fingerprint scanner.

With the Grand X 4, ZTE has done something that of the biggest name in the industry.  The company has created a device that offers a premium at an amazing price $129.99.  No other smart phone in the US can match the Grand X 4 at even twice the price, making this sleek Android phone a perfect gift for anyone this holiday season.

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