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Drop me off here boys! Stop stop stop stop! Santa you can’t go in there. Don’t get mad I try to stop them, hello miss clause it’s been a long time. You got a lot of nerve to coming around here. We’ve got a bigger problem, Rudolf you think he did it huh? I was just assuming is those who closest to you. You suggest otherwise? What is Rudolf gonna gain? Control..none the other reindeer would expect that. Then who else? We’ll just have to wait and see. You should say hi to the elves before you go. I got my boys waiting in the car, we’re set on getting Rudolf. Santa you left a few things, you should take them before you go baby. Here..ho ho ho just like the good old days? Just like the good old days. Frosty gonna love this, santa be careful. I just want to hear those 3 magic words Ho..Ho..Ho. Frosty and Jack I’m counting on you to find Rudolf. I got a couple of presents for you.