Hey geeks it’s miller your host from accessorygeeks.com. today mark day 8 over here on the twelve day of geekmas for accessorygeeks.com. Today we’re offering 5% off all premade bundles. Giving their bundles consist of the variety of objects. So come on over accessorygeeks.com today and check out what they are. So we got this promotion code and all you have to do is remember bundles geekmas and walah you got 5% off. It’s that simple, it’s that easy. Already geeks.. let’s continue on our holiday videos and hope you enjoy yourself. Already geeks, never forget that you got it from a geek. Booyah .. it’s go time.. daah nothing like an early rush huh santa?. It’s always good to have friends like you , like this Rudolf. Makes the job like this much easier. You be careful down there. Well I guess I’ll see you at the bottom with friends. Alright.. he’s in.. Hey I never worked with you before. But big red tesla did. Put your hands on your head.you have the right to remain silence I suggest you use that..Put’em in.. Hi miss clause.. hi snowflake, did you hear about Rudolf?. I know my hearts really broken. Do we still scheduled for the plan? Yes where are you by the way? Duh…I’m at my station me looking some goods? Good, turn around for me..i need you to send santa a message. Ho…Ho..Ho.