Hey geeks. MarvelGeek here with AccessoryGeeks.com. We’re going to give you guys a quick idea on where to find the coupon code on our Facebook page. Kind of like a Where’s Waldo thing. I’m just going to let you guys look for it. I’m just kidding.

When you guys click this like on our page, all this pops up. All the posts on our page and everyone saying hi and all that good stuff. When you go down here, you can’t really see anything. Everyone’s asking us, where’s the link where’s the link. If you go to the top here, there’s the $5 off of $30 coupon code. Keep in mind, this coupon code can change so it may not be this when you see this video so what you do is you click on this right here, and you’ll get the link. And you’ll actually have the coupon on there. It’s going to be all capital letters and all one word. And again, I would show you guys but it could be different so go ahead and go to our page, hit like there, and find out the coupon code for yourself. It could even be simply better than that, or could be the same on, who knows? But when you guys get there, here it is.

And feel free to give us a post on Facebook. We love talking to you guys. We’re looking at it daily and we love to say hi and talk about a bunch of stuff. Feel free to let us know how you feel and remember, you got it from a geek.

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