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Hey guys, SportsGeeks with here today with a device unboxing video. We have the brand new iPod Touch. This is the 5th generation iPod Touch and let’s get right into it.

As you can see it’s a very similar packaging to the older iPod Touches. Very clean two piece plastic, very attractive. Let’s slide of that sticker and let’s remove this screen film. As you can see it looks very similar to an iPhone 5. A very thin device and it is very attractive. It has pretty much a unibody aluminum feel. And unlike the iPhone there is no break for glass or for plastic except for this little spot right here. But aside from that it’s a very very nice device.

Let’s continue on inside the box. You have your little quick start guide, a lightning cable, a little hook for this new little lanyard hook area they have and some earpods; Apple’s new standard headphones. So no A/C adapter, you’ll definitely have to buy one of those separately.

So back to the device, it now has a 4-inch screen just like the iPhone 5 that we have here. As you can see, the iPhone 5 is a little thicker. So it really gives you an idea of how thin this iPod Touch is, given that the iPhone 5 is one of the thinnest smartphones available right now. And again, a little break in the aluminum backing of the iPhone 5 with this glass bars at the top and bottom. Definitely for antenna support and cell radio support. And of course the iPhone 5 has this nice banding again for the antenna, whereas the iPod Touch is just this aluminum all the way around.

They both have 4-inch screens with the same resolution so it’s the new 16×9 resolution and it is still retina so it’s quite the viewing experience. On the front the both have HD Facetime cameras. And on the back, I believe the iPhone 5 has a 8 Megapixel shooter while the iPod Touch has a 5 Megapixel shooter. But from all reports it is quite capable especially for the type of device this is.

This is a 32GB iPod Touch and it comes starting at a base price of $299 whereas the 16GB iPhone 5 is $200 on contract but $599 off. So not a bad deal given that you have very similar, not the same, similar hardware with the iPod Touch. So if you don’t need all the mobile data and you don’t need the calling abilities, then the iPod Touch is a very solid portable media player.

So stay tuned for more videos we’ll definitely put some more up and thank you for watching. If you like our videos please subscribe to our channel and remember! You got it from A Geek!