Hei Geeks it’s Miller your host here at accessorygeeks.com. Today’s mars day 4 over here on the 12 days of geekness for accessorygeeks.com . Today we’re going to be a sponsoring a buy one silicone case, get the other for free. There’s no more code you needed, because it already activated. So go to accessorygeeks.com today, go choose your silicone case that’s under $13.00 and well, you can get a free of your choice. So hop on over today and see what you can get in this Geekness. Ok Geeks, hope you’re enjoying the new videos coming out and let’s go see what santa’s up to you. So, let’s go on to that promotional video, we’ll see you there Geeks, and always remember, that you got it from a geek!
If you can’t hold on there, if you can’t hold on there, if you can’t hold on there, if you can’t hold on there, colonel carrie, colonel carrie we’re on the subject look out for a Mr Chris Kringle alias Santa Claus last wearing a baby red suit last to be travelling with Mr Jack Frost and his brother, Jonathan Frost also known as frosky. On second look out, we’re looking for a Mr Rudolph a rain deer or any other rain deer affiliated with santa claus. If found, please handle with care, they are dangerous to be approach alone, call for back up immediately.
Hey Snow flake, what do you want for Christmas this year? A red plastic case. What do you want for Christmas? Hey I can have anything I want. So funny. I told you later, dude your feet are froze in water. Oh Baby, somebody told me to give you this. Who told you to give this suit? Get out from here. Go. Now!
Well, well, well, Mr. Rudolph. Hopefully my voice didn’t trouble you too hard. I was the red nose.