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This is actually a car charger so it will go ahead to a cigarette lighter of your car. Or if you have an outlet on your car it can go there. It does have a light indicator here so you can go ahead and make sure that it’s on while you`re charging your iPhone 3G or iPhone 3Gs phone.

This item is safe to charge while play your iPhone in your car. It works for all compatible dock cases, so you can still put your iPhone on the dock and charge it as well. It is portable for the 3G car charger will be use on your car, RV or even in your boat. It provide unlimited playtime, its leaking compact with extended cord. And it has an LED power indicator.Its replaceable for use and protection and it charge your 3G phone through the cigarette lighter outlet car, RV or boat.

It is compatible for the iPhone 3G, 3Gs and all other iPod models, except for the iPod shuffle. That is one of the item that will not compatible for.

And as you can see here it has a very long cord, easy for you to go and store, it doesn’t have a straight cord so it will not attached. Pretty easy to connect and you don’t have any issues with it. Definitely recommended for your car. You don’t want your batteries die, being in a situations where you don’t have your phone. Would want to play music as much as possible on your car while you rides to work or school or just on a joyride go out the states, who knows what you`d like to do with it. Definitely want to have a phone chargers in your car so you always have the phone available for you to use.

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