Hey Guys what’s up this is Maxine from the Crafty Ninja brought to you by accessorygeeks.com. We’re gonna doing things a little bit different today because right now we’re live in Gotham city. And someone from Arkham Asylum has let out all the inmates. We’re a little unsafe here at the office and we’re gonna try fashion our very own bat signal and hope that someone sees it and come to rescue us. So we’re gonna look at the office and see what we can do. Right?
Oke, so this is what we’re able to find. We’ve got some glue stick, a mini flash light, some scotch tape, there scissors, and some single use super glue. So, but this is, And the black instruction paper work gonna try fashion our own bat signal using this mini flash light. So here we go. So I guess, most importantly we’re gonna need to cut the bat signal out of this. So, it’s a pretty small flash light, it’s only about this big, no wider then the size of my pointer finger. Its getting really bad out there. Guess we’re just gonna fold a paper in a half, and we’re gonna make a bat shape, best we can do, smallest we can get, coz it’s pretty small flash light. Here we go. Okay. So, as you can see here, we’ve got our bat, they’re getting closer, oh my God, there someones at the door. They’re on the venom serum. Okay so we gotta focus. Oke, so we’ve got the bat signal and umm, as you can see here, we umm, we cut it out in a circle, and there’s use four tabs so we can attach it to this piece of black cardboard that we’ve also cut out and we’ll be making this into a tube shape, and we’re gonna go ahead and make that right now and hopefully you can see what we’re doing here. So we’re gonna take the light and this, we’re just gonna tape this together. So now it’s projecting and we got our bat signal. We gonna take the four prongs and then we’re gonna just tape those down. Just like that. As you can see, umm, we’ve got our bat signal. And we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna go and project it now so we’re gonna go see if it works. Their you have it our very own bat signal. Where are you?
Okay, so we are officially back at geeks headquarters and I’m save and sound and thanks to Batman. And well, this little device which I want to share with you, I know it’s not the prettiest thing in the world but it did the job in a little amount of time. So I’m just gonna go ahead and take this apart to show you exactly what we did while under pressure, and with very few resources. And their disposal, so just I’m gonna unroll the tape that’s holding this together and what we did is we taped this tube to the mini flashlight that we had on our key chain. And it’s just a regular flashlight, as you can see now operates on triple A battery and does the job just fine. And its preety portable. And you attach the tube with tape, and what the tube is for is umm..the bat signal we have here. The bat signal that we cut out is attached to end of the tube. And we attached the bat signal to the tube itself with the 4 prongs, now I;m gonna go ahead and un-attached the bat signal. And you can see exactly what it is. The tube is because the further away the image that your trying to project it is from the source light The clear it’s gonna be. and you want it to make sure that you were calling for batman. And you know not any other would be superhero in the neighborhood. So that’s this thing right here and it’s got 4 little tabs and what we did is we folded those right on over the tube. Like this and we taped them down. So there you have it that