Welcome to the Crafty Ninja brought to you by AccessoryGeeks.com, I’m your host Maxine, and all of you maybe wondering why this show is called the crafty ninja? That’s simple..Pirates are lame. Ok so maybe pirates are a huge franchise, but Ninja are still cooler. Anyway..this show is how to teach you being discreet geek and you can’t really be a discreet geek with a peg like now can’t ya? So, our first craft is…shabamm! Yeah! See that bad boy? That’s a Planeteer ring. What’s a planet? What’s a planeteer ring? Oh my gosh! Have you try captain planet? He’s only the biggest EcoGeek of them all. And his taking pollution down to zero, or did you not get the memo? Sudden note I feel need to explain the tarp that’s going on back here..there’s actually a ninja camp behind this studio, but for liability reason and because I don’t want a ninja started at back at the head we have this up, so bare with us cause this is only temporary. Now if you can remember all the planeteers, they were earth, fire, wind, water and heart. But if you know science, heart isn’t really an element now is it? But don’t tell monty cause he think he can talk to animals. Earth now you maybe wondering how do I make the planeteer ring? Well that simple…their not power ring you cannot expect an alien to come crash down on earth, and then just handing you one. Sorry Hall Jordan. No this are planeteer ring, you have to earn them which means you have to make them. But don’t worry making them are really simple but first thing you gonna need are….Materials. see this is the graphic, yeah isn’t that cool? Now it’s gonna describe what kind of material do you need. Woof! Lot a materials right? Not! Although I bet you’re wonder there is gonna be an 800 number pop up in th screen to sell them to you. That’ll be kinda cool right? You just buy it from us yeah? (talk to me later) anyway we pretty much do all the work for you. By creating the templates for the power rings, so from here on out all you gotta do is print, cut, glue..and your done. Now let’s break that down a little bit more so your not wondering how’s that happen? Allright let’s start. So as you can see print it out our planeteer symbols we just gonna keep little slippy slippy snip. Allright now to size it appropriately, your going to turn the ring down so that the base of it is flat to the symbol, and you’re just go ahead and trace around it there you go, yeah allright. Now cut that out and don’t worry about making sure it lines up perfectly, because the little jewels actually gonna magnified the image, and it’s not going to highlight any the imperfection, so don’t worry about it. If you cut like two year old, chances are still show up looking pretty awesome. Allright now were gonna glue your symbol image side up to the bottom flat portion of the jewels, and now were gonna take the ring base put some glue..and little stick. You got a planeteer ring. Preety cool right? I mean it’s hard. But still pretty awesome. Anyways so..go got a planeteer ring, and you know who to call now right? Captain Planet, that not his real number, don’t call that. Bunch of further accessorized as a planeteer earth lover? Than pick up one of these bad boys from accessorygeeks.com, you can get the planeteer symbol engraved in wood, plastic or rubberized plastic. All you have to do is check’em up. Now remember accessorygeeks.com aims to bring the best prices on the web for cellphone accessorys, so be sure to give them the attention they deserve, you can check out the weekly deals here..and their product reviews here…pretty awesome right? Thanks again for watching the crafty ninja, if you have a favorite comic book or a television show that you would like to see made into a craft. Tell us in the comment below, and don’t forget, you got it from a Geek.