Welcome to the episode of crafty ninja brought to you by accessorygeeks.com, I’m your host Maxine and this show designed to teach you how to channel your inner ninja, and how to be a discreet geek. And this coming from a comic book so there’s really nothing discreet about a man who six feet tall dresses as a bat in the middle of the night and takes down badguys, or even a man who so rich that he can afford to drink scotch all hours in the day while also combating evil in a symbiotic suite made of iron. So here’s the question how’d you emulate your favorite superhero without dawning the cape and tights? Let me just say you don’t wanna running around wearing a mask, because nothings is here for your wallet than a creepy disguise, but we found a way around that. You can still operate in stealth mode while showcasing your geek by personalizing the head of your jacket. We take a queue from watchmen’s Rorschach, and turns this one blend hoodie into something awesome. So how do you make’em? Here’s what you need. This project might be a little more expensive that others depending what kind a hoodie you buy, this is why I recommend picking up your hoodie at wallmart, because frankly they’re cheap and awesome. And they’ll do the job just fine, just make sure when you buy the hoodie it doesn’t have a flees on the inside. Flees will make the design bleed, and you don’t want a spark bloodbath all over your nice hoodie. It’ll go loose the integrity the designed and frankly it will just come out looking muddy. Anyway..now that you have the materials what happens next? Well you can either print out the design so we made for you our Rorschach facial expression using the link below, or you can make your own…frankly we can get easier just print out the design and than trace it down the stencils and…, you know what why don’t we go ahead and show you how.

Ok so you have your stencils ready, and you have your design print it out. So start to trace around the design, and don’t worry if it’s not perfect you actually won’t be cutting perfect either since stencil pretty thick material, but anyway finish tracing and then we are go ahead and cut out the design. Now when you cutting out the design don’t worry about making it perfect, you can flush out the details with a marker in the stencils. The stencils are pretty much the guideline for you to follow around when you trace out the design on to the fabric. So here we go, go ahead and snip in the middle of the design on each side, and then proceed to cut it out from the inside. All right now that you have your stencils cut out…your gonna go ahead and layout your hood. And try to keep it as flat as possible, to avoid the stencils slipping around. I like to go ahead and just tip it down make sure it doesn’t go anywhere and it’s not gonna like run off on you while your tracing. So give us a little tapy tape, now that’s done we’re gonna go ahead bust out the fabric marker, I use the big phat marker, because it tends to cover more ground. Cause it’s really big. Like so big, anyway so go ahead and trace out the stencils and its just be a rough trace cause your gonna fill it in on your own. Oky doks lets fill it in. ok as you can see it’s mostly done we’re just flashing out the details so, because it Rorschach it doesn’t have to be perfectly clean. Ink floods never are..so I like to do intentional smudging and I like to add a little bit around the area so it’s not perfect. You don’t want it to look perfect cause It just gonna like a cookie cutter hoodie. So if you have the occasional like messed up you have the color outside the line that’s ok. There you have it, your watchmen hoodie are set to go,your Rorschach design looking something like this or maybe something like this. And like all crafty ninja project, accessorygeeks.com offers exclusive engraving for any of the themes that we do, so this week you can Rorschach symbol or the Doc Manhattan symbol, egrave on wood or rubberized plastic cases. Just check them up at accessorygeks.com they have the best deals on the web, for all cell phone and iPod accessories, so give them the love and the attention that they deserved. If you have suggestion of other project you can leave them on the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe. Thanks again for watching the crafty ninja. I’m Maxine and you got it from a geek.

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