Welcome to the Crafty Ninja brought to you by accessorygeeks.com. I’m your host Maxine. I wanna know did you had a dream job growing up as a child join to be the next astronaut to walk on the moon maybe a president. How about a lion tamer? Transformers perhaps so pretty sure they have schools for that in Japan now. No? how about batman? getting work? Still don’t? .. ok as a kid I want to be a super hero. but I don’t really how is this go forward to go arround kicking bad guys butt, but I’ll figure the next best thing is to go work for mega corporation and sponsor super heros….. well Wayne enterprises and stark industries are taking applications right now, so I figure why not scope around and see what I’m missing out on?. That’s why today we’ll be making this bad boys. That’s right.. that’s a Wayne Enterprises visitor pass, And may be a visitor pass just isn’t gonna do it for you, maybe you want to do, maybe a press pass from the daily planet, or how about security, I know you interested getting in to the restricted area like the R&D department. That’s why we here at accessorrygeeks contacted to the couple of notorious folks to do our dirty works for us. Thanks to Edward Nigma, and unknown source at Hammer industries , we’re able to procure passes for the press, visitor and security personal for both Wayne Enterprises and stark industries. Pretty cool right.. now kids we don’t recommend hiring villains to do dirty work for you, frankly you shouldn’t support them but,we were deperate. now the documents that our source at hammer industry and Edward Nigma were able to dig up, those were just the buildings block and how to make a clearance badge, to walk around undetected your going to need a few more materials, and this is what you’ll be needing.
Now technically you could just print this out on card stock.. but we don’t to be responsible when you break a collar bone after security tackles you on the restricted area. Instead we’re gonna show you how you can MacGyver your own clearance badge.. so you can walk around undetected. Hooky dooky it’s time whip out that spray paint we like semi- gloss white spray paint just because to maintain the plastic look and feel that the gift card already has. We just need to make it all white and so that your clearance badges looks pretty legit.. so go ahead and start spraying your gift card, you can do this outside or in area that well ventilated. We don’t want you inhaling too many fumes as you do this. While your card is drying you can go ahead and print out your clearance badges using the decal paper, make sure that you follow instruction that the decal paper come with so you know which side of the decal paper you’ll be printing on. Once it’s printed out you can cut out the badge that you would like to apply to your gift card. So if you want channel your inner clark kent and work the press angel you can do that, Or if you want to do security you can do that to. So go ahead and cut it out. Snippy, snippy, snippy.. and your clearance badge its been cut out you’re gonna go ahead and unpeel the back from the decal. Once it’s been removed we’re going to add here the decal to the white gift card, we’ll use the decal backing as a means to apply the decal, it prevents smudges, fingerprints so go ahead and squeeze that down just really get it on there. and this is your stark industries security badge.. so you can start sneaking around and selling off their ideas to hammer industries, no kidding don’t do that!. Alright you should be all set to go.. you should have something a little bit like these.. if you want to top it off with a layer you’re welcome to do so it makes it look just a little bit more professional and you know that never hurts when you’re sneaking around in a restricted compound.. Now if you don’t have a gift card but would like to buy one you can always can get one from accessorygeeks.com they specialized in accessories for cell phone and iPod so give your lover attention that they deserve… Thanks again for watching Ninja Craft brought to you by accessorygeeks.com I’m your host Maxine and if you have a favorite television show movie or comic book that you want to see made into a craft, you can leave us a comment below and let us know what it is.. and don’t forget you got it from a geek.
Thanx again for watching the crafty ninja, I am your host Maxine…well I’m neither alice nor louise so I’ll be going outside..