Welcome to the episode of the crafty ninja brought to you by accessorygeeks.com, I’m your host Maxine. And today episode inspired by a none other then the broski was the broski, that’s right Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother. Now if you know I little about Barney you may know that his escapades tends to lend him in situation like this… but if you also follow the show you know Barney exploits can also end a little somethimg like this.. not bad right? So what do you need to become like Barney Stinson? Well for one thing your going to need a suit. Now if you don’t own a suit I understand, this much awesome doesn’t come in standard size packages. What does comes in standard packages are Bro essentials, and this Bro essentials are designed so you don’t need a wing man. Sidebar if you have a wing man you should probably carry this anyway, in fact your wing man should be carrying this as well. Because as we both know wing man can get either sick or they can get lucky. Now some of the Bro essentials that we provided for you had been seen on the show. As you may recall Barney has ones been apart of SNASA, and you to can be part of SNASA with your very own SNASA clearance badge. Out with a smoking hot date but starting to get crazy vibes, check out her crazy levels on the hot crazy scale. Is your date not going well? Does she looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger and smell like roast beef? Well it’s time to Lemon Law her!. Now this next bid may require a bit Google searching on your own, but pair a picture of a child or even better pair a picture of two. It doesn’t matter what their names are. Frankly your gonna make them up anyway. And the best part of this that their names can be flunctuate depending the girl you are with, but the most important thing is back stories. See this kid? This is little toby kang, he was assigned to you thanks to the wonderful foundation Big brother. Your currently watching over him, taking him to baseball games, and museums, occasionally giving him a lift to school. While the rest of her family is currently at north korea. You only wish you had more time to spend with the little fella. And hey if she doesn’t like kids you can just put a picture of puppy. Say you recently rescue him from a abusive home. Not only you need an awesome sutra but you gonna need awesome, hey broskie what’s up? Yeah? Oh yeah we’re totally gonna take the laser thight championship. On your ways after works? Allright sounds good. Later.. Peace. Not only we need an awesome suit. But you need an awesome ringtone. And the go with your awesome ringtone. You need awesome Bluetooth headset. That’s right this is the same Bluetooth that barney stinson has been seen rocking. In the show How I met your mother. So now that we’ve laid it out for you, here’s a closer look what’s in barney bro essentials. And there you have it. Everythings you need for the bro essentials its fit on your wallet. Now if you wonder why didn’t go over how to assemble any of the bro essentials, well…it’s because all you need is a printer. And if you can’t print out picture. Then you probably shouldn’t scam on chick. As a bonus. We also included 3 ringtone. For you savvy iPhone users, we include Canadian popstars robin scherbatsky hits singels like “go to the mall” and “ sand castels in the sand.” It also included barney stinson debut songs. “nothing suits me like a suits” I get the crafty ninja sponsored by accessorygeeks.com, the number one online retailer store for all your cell phone accessory needs. Be sure to check them up. And give the love and attention they deserve. You can also pick up the Jawbone prime from them. It’s the very same one barney stinson ware in the hit television show how I met your mother. Wich is episode base of it. Thank you for watching, the crafty ninja brought to you by accessorygeeks.com. again I’m your host Maxine. And if you ever had a crafty you like to see from your favorite television show, movie or comic book? You can tell us in the comments below. And don’t forget, you got it from a geek.

Grenade! Grenade! Nade! Nade! Ooowwwhhh!! Nic!…what was that? Mario? I should feel tremors of psychic to rock my body! That was like a declaw pregnant cat swinging idly on the porch on Sunday afternoon? Wow…that was very specific.