Welcome to another episode of crafty Ninja brought to you by accessorygeeks.com, I’m your host Maxine and as we all know that Valentine’s day is creeping on the corner and that means it times for ee..thank you Black Lantern, go away! That’s right! It’s time for a heart and giving love, and what better heart to give than Tony Stark. That’s right, this week we’ll be making the arc reactor for you to give to your valentine. Melody, can I get the lights? And it glows, with a push of a button, that’s an arc reactor! Thank you, melody! So, let’s get started. All right, to start we’re gonna hot glue the strainer to the back of the drain. We’re gonna use the rubber plug that were provided with the train set to close the hole in the bottom of the drain, we’ve cut out four equal size of rings and to get accurate sizes you can use the link in the video description that has all the parts of the arc reactor broken down for you. Umm, we’re gonna use one of the rings to dot replacement of the black segment here and there should be about ten of them, and most them will be equally spaced and when you’re done it should look something like this. Now use the black electrical tape to bind all four rings together one strip for each dot, you may have to trim your electrical tape depending on how thick it is. This is how it should look like afterwards. Here come the tedious parts. We’re going to need ten equal pieces of copper wire of three feet all to do it. Grab each piece of copper wire around one piece of the black tape as tightly and as closely as possible. And you are done, your ring should be one piece and it should look like this. Now you wanna ahead and cut out the inner ring, the connector as well as the large and small bold from the big shield of plastic and then spray pin of them to save time, I’ll show all that. As you can see we spray pin and the ring as well but we use the gold color instead. Now using the arc reactor image provided in the link below, we’re going to glue the large bold cases to the inner ring. Next, we’ll add the smaller bolds on top of it. Almost done with the inner ring but first we have to add the connectors so we can glue the largest ring to them. For a dotted tap light we’ll be unscreen the bottom of the light so that’ll be set a little bit deeper in the second drain.. It’s really easy just give a couple turns in and that’s all to do it. Glue the tape light into the center with hot glue so it won’t wear around. Then cover up the top light without diminishing the power of led so it created this filter out black instruction paper and a copy filter. We use the small circle plastic and then cut off a piece of our super glue cut and we glue it right on to the small piece of plastic. Glue the plastic circle to the center of the top light. Now glue the small ring to the top of your filter in the center. Use the ring two sizes larger to frame it also glue in it down. Glue the plastic put to the center at the best that you can. And next you glue your inner ring to the filter by applying the glue to the bottom of gold ring. Finally glue your outer ring to the drain and all set. Look at that bad boy glow. There you have it, your arc reactor should be good to go. This the perfect give to give to any geek or to keep for yourself. Thank you again for watching the Crafty Ninja brought to you by accessorygeeks.com. If you’re looking for the best deal online for cellphone, iPhone, and iPad accessories go ahead and check them out. And give them the love and attention that they deserve. Now as always if you have a craft you want to see from your favorite television show, movie or comic book, tell us in the comments below and don’t forget you got it from a geek. The Tim smith forgot to give me a heart.. No heart.. No heart When a man’s an empty kettle. He should be on his mettle. And yet I’m torn apart. Just because I’m presuming, that I could be kind of human. If I only had a heard, I’d be tender I’d be gentle. And awful sentimental regarding love and art. I’d be friends with the arrow and the boy who shoots the sparrows. If I only had a heart, picture me a balcony, above a voice sings low. Wherefore art thou Romeo?