Hey Geek it’s Miller over here at accessorygeeks.com guess what time it is, it is the weekly deals of the week. This is edition number 4, go see what we have today over accesorygeeks.com. Well what are you waiting for. Now let’s sort of with the micro USB vehicle car charger. This does come in black with free shipping to the US and Canada. And you get it for $ 3.99, the original price $ 14.99, you save $ 11. This is the 73% saving. Now just the same, you buy one, you get one free. You must have 2 of these in your account for this to apply. Next the part for the safe driver out there. We have our universal headset this also does come in black. A 2.5 mm jack for your phone and you can get for $ 3.99. the original price $ 15.99, that’s total of $ 12 savings. In other words 75% what do you guys waiting for? This is also buy one get one free deal. You must 2 of these into your account in order to apply. Wow..wow..wow..wow.. I can’t believe it’s such a little cost. Our Sandisk 2 GB micro SD memory cards with SD adaptors, free shipping to the US and Canada. This was $ 29.99, but for you we get it for $ 5.99 that was $ 20 off, 80% saving. You can back up all your files for your phone and send it to your computer right away now. No Coupons needed, so what are you waiting for? You check yourself over accessorygeeks.com today. Now this is totally gonna blow your mind. Here we have original Motorola LCD cleaner strap. The original price $ 9.99. you can get less than a dollar at 99 cents. This is a 90% saving. I’m pretty sure you can do all them out. Here you can hook on to your phone and carry on as you will. Go visit accessorygeeks.com today. I don’t know about you geeks but I lose this all the time. Here we have our apple iPod and iPad USB data cable.Off course it was $24.99 value but we are selling this for $3.99 value just for you. You save $ 21, 84% off. There many uses for this, off course for your apple accessories. So go to accessorygeeks.com today. And get your deal at last. Now just like the previous item, this does apply to your apple accessories. Ok may be this a view. We have an apple ipod and iphone travel charger. This does come in your hand when you are on the go. And you have very little time of you using a laptop port computer. This will definitely keeping you charged up. The original price is $20.99 but you as a geek can get it for $ 3.99, how awesome is that. You save $ 17 and 81 % saving. Well what are you waiting for. Add the cord, add the cord, and the cord…Well that’s what we have.. weekly deals of the week. Join us next week. And if you guys scroll down from the weekly deals page You can make your own bundles where you can save up to 25% off course if you buy 5 items you get 25% off the cart. Buy 4 items you get 20% off. Buy 3 15%, Buy 2 get 10%, Buy 1 and hey you get the item. Congratulation geeks. Already geeks.. That’s right here at accessorygeeks.com for your weekly deals of the week. Go check out what we have over accessorygeesk.com and be amazed at how much that you can save. I’m Miller here at accessorygeeks.com. we’re here to keep you updated and always remember. That you got it from a geek.