Welcome to the episode “What’s in the Box?” sponsored by the AccessoryGeeks.com. The show that brings you the daily mystery item for your viewing pleasure. I’m Max and this is.. Mario. And today we’re gonna open the box unto us from the AccessoryGeeks.com. Sorry for today I’m officially the box opener, because Max can’t open boxes. So what do we have here? Oh wow, goodies.. Oo, there’s one-on-one?.. Yep.. That’s one for you.. Why do I get the big ones?? I just automatically picked that up.. These are called “the talkatoos”.. Uh, basically I think these are little devices where you can record thirty seconds of messages unto them and replay them. We’re gonna play a sample really quick. “I’m your little cute funny. Press the button to record anything. Take this note to..” That kinda like Ruby. But basically you can, you know, record your ‘I Love You’ messages, or ‘I miss you’. Oh, this could be really cute too like put it to a lunchpail.. you know like kids, you know, that’s really cute backpacks. Will you open one out? Let’s open one up? I may have lost box privileges but I’ve got product opener privileges. That’s a pretty sharp scissor you got there. Oh, right.. So, this is the talkatoo comes on a keychain so you can attach to a lunchpail, backpacks, keyrings.. and all the sides.. it looks like there’s a recording button so you can record your message and looks like there’s also a lock button so if you wanna preserve your message without actually mean record it over you can do that. Uhm, Mario can you do me a favor and tell me if the talkatoos have a talk time limit. Yes there is thirty seconds. Uh, comes in five different colors, the first one the one that Max opened up is called the Ice Cream Green, this one of particular is called the Blue White Swirl.. Pink Heart on White… this one is called Pink Flower on White.. and this one is the Green Monster, I like this one of those but I don’t think this is good for your kids. That’s cute, I don’t know, I like it. Okay, so basically we have our record switch on the side over here with the lock switch so you can preserve your recording.. On the bottom there’s a microphone, and then right above the top here is the play button. Make sure that when you’re recording.. that you don’t see the little red tab at the top coz that means that it will not record coz it’s locked.. but if you don’t see the red tab you’re good to go. Uh, we’re gonna go ahead and do our first recording.. “I am PackMan” It works, it does its job, it’s cute and adorable.. and it’s fun to share with friends. It’s kinda reminds me of HeyTell application for the iPhone if you don’t have an iPhone and basically what it is it’s like a walkie-talkie. So this could be fun to pass around the office or get it to your kids to pass it around the school.. Or give it to your loved ones.. you know private messages.. and I think thirty seconds is good enough for any type of messages that you wanna say..So Max, how much is the talkatoo? Uh, well, I could totally pick-up the invoice earlier and it looks like the talkatoos from AccessoryGeeks.com were about USD 19.99 each, now remember you can get 10 percent off if you use YouTube subscribers’ code. And AccessoryGeeks also provided a free giveaways so Mario why don’t you tell them of what we will give away from this episode? From what I looked that the note from inside the box, we are giving this particular talkatoo away and also within the talkatoo we’re gonna send out, you know we’re gonna record a special message with a special coupon code in it to get extra deals.. uhm, we’re not gonna reveal what the code is right now, but if you hear – you are the lucky winner. Please play the button, you’ll hear a special message and you can, you know, save some more from AccessoryGeeks . So, without being said, Max here is gonna give you detail on how to get the giveaway. Okay, with all the regular ways all you gotta do is leave a comment to phrase … But in English leave a comment phrase below and we will pick one random of you two and the special promo code that will be hid within. Sounds like the cable wanders. So thanks again for watching us “What’s in the Box”.. I’m Max and this is Mario
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