Welcome to the episode what’s in the box sponsored by accessorygeeks.com. I’m max and this is Mario and today we have a special what’s in the box. As we’ll be opening our random products sent to us from accessorygeeks.com for your reviewing pleasure. Today’s item is… a banana phone. It’s .. the geeks are just getting funnier and funnier every day. It’s a banana headset. I’ll open this real quick while saved of me set it up.. off course.. Alright.. It’s looks like a standard 3.5 mm audio jack.. it is.. It’s an answer and end button on the actual banana. Going to the box, it is compatible with the iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, Verizon iPhone 4. Motorola and Blackberry, basically is anything with the 3.5 mm jack. If I can hold it up correctly, looks pretty funky. It’s a banana phone I mean it’s novelty item and I guess the only real way we’re going to see what it does is if we use it. Yup try it up that’s all somebody with that. It’s perhaps my phone on me. So it is pretty easy to use, all you gotta do is plug in to your 3.5 mm jack and start dialing. So who would I call. May I actually call geeks from accessorygeeks.com and trying our banana phone. Go ahead..Do you wanna give me the number? It is 18664335793 alright let’s call the geeks. It’s ringing. It’s pretty loud I can actually hear from now. Hallo it’s geeks from accessorygeeks.com.. Hi.. banana phone works.. Hi this is Maxine from what’s in the box. How are you?.. excellent how are you? Good.. we just call to thank you for your amazing products you keep up the good work over there. I appreciate that.. thank you.. You,re too,, bye… ok sounds friendly.. So our banana phone talks and it works really well I mean you could hear it just fine even when it wasn’t directly to ear. So the only thing I think this phone is missing is probably volume up and down button. That’s the thing that I notice like on the side usually on the headset..It would have a open up button for the volume but it doesn’t. And it only cuts with the answer and end button over here in the middle. But then again this is novelty item I wouldn’t mind like you. Yea.. April fools coming up soon probably. Or even just thinking this tool bar I mean there’s something funnier than calling the banana at your first.. I mean It’s all that for $20. You can pick up at accessorygeeks.com for 19.99 for special banana handling. And you can get 10% off using youtube subscriber code. Ok.. I’m holding the banana phone. And well as always accessorygeeks provide special or something for.. Yes actually there’s a giveaway for this particular item.So one lucky comment serve.. If you give your comments below. You can get a special coupon code that we’re gonna send you. If you’re a winner we’re gonna send you a message. And we’re gonna send you the particular code to get a 20% off on this particular item. And only you will have that code and can use on this particular item . So leave the comment below and let us know what you think about banana phone and that’s a rub. Thank you for watching the episode of what’s in the box sponsored by accessorygeeks.com. I’m Max this is Mario I’m just can’t stumble right over your works and we got it from a geek.