Hi welcome to another episode of what in the box brought to you by accessorygeeks.com. I’m Mario and I’m Max.. And let’s to get what we have in the box. So like always.. accessorygeeks.com sent us a daily product that we’re going to open and review for them. And what do we get today Mario. Let me see. Wow they actually sent us a dummy phone to actually test this particular product. It’s a naztech technology’s pouch.. This dummy phone is really cool. It looks real right? According to their tag this is called the Naztech Caiman Cell Phone Case with Belt Clip. Search that key term.. keyword from accessorygeeks.com and this is for the Motorola. No.. This is actually universal anything that you can fit suppose to be this one is.. can fit any flip or any similar size phone as the razor V3 which is very old phone. I’m pretty sure not a lot of people have that phone. . But .. you remember the razor.. yup.. so we’re gonna test this with the .. what phone is that. Motorola cliq 2.. this is the clique 2.. right.. A Naztech Camian casing that like alligator skin.. Obviously not real alligator.. no it’s not.. Alligator.. I don’t know an alligator that’s fit.Ok well it’s your basic holster .. I actually really like the fact that it is got with this eco elastic. It’s gonna be elastic bend on the side.. so it grips your phone.. It grips your phone really well actually. Let’s try this way it’s not coming off. It’s pretty good actually. To get this dummy phone out we have to tear that’s behind. yeah thank you accessorygeeks..Wow.. ok.. the packaging is really nice, I really like how it size in with product.You want to actually put it on your waist and walk around with it . Sure.. I find this little nifty jacket fits.. Yea I got a question why is this thing so wide. Can I actually try it. Oh my God look at this jacket. Anyway back to the product..Ok.. so I’m done making phone on my jacket to keep you warm Mario.. try it like jump around or something. It’s not coming off anywhere.. try like.. to bend .. doing the aerobics.. yeas.. I don’t know why you need to do aerobics..Your phone is not bad.. Attached pretty well..Do you wanna do aerobics too Mario.. No I would not do aerobics, aerob.. I can’t say.. aerobics right there.. I usually probably put my phone over there.. Pretty easy to just grab it actually.. Actually I put it over there on my belt. Alright.. right there. I would really like it’s not only it’s a nice case.. But as you can see it’s uni sacks so.. it looks great. I think it looks better in Mario personally but.. every is better with Mario. Right there.. or even you can put it in back pocket or where everyone. But.. yea this a pretty nifty little item and now it’s not much to review about… Because you know everyone knows this is just a particular pouch. And the only good thing I can say about this is if you like this kinda texture.. I don’t know if you can see it or not… this texture right here. Really nice it’s fake Caiman leather.. I hope they don’t kill real Caiman and this actually goes for how much max? Ow well.. let me check the invoice, The Naztech holster goes for about 19.99 at accessorygeeks.com. So you can always get 10% off and get free shipping. And I believe they also have a giveaway for this. That’s right like every accessorygeeks.com product we always give a giveaway to give to one lucky youtube commenter. So leave a comment below. Can you tell us what the .. I can’t give up too much details on the price it’s always secret. They just told me that ond lucky winner can get a special coupon code on their inbox. So start commenting down below and one lucky winner will be selected them randomly.. We’re gonna send them a special coupon code that only works with them.And since it is a pouch / holster.The coupon code gonna work .. good chance maybe for a pouch travel.. So if you really need a new pouch or holster you would leave the comments below .. Yup.. and hopefully you’re the winner and this is Mario.. I’m max and we got it from a geek.