Welcome to the uhhh you do it. Welcome to the… welcome to the episode of Whats In The Box sponsored by accessorrygeeks.com I’m Max and this is, Mario. And we’re here for another daily product from accessorygeeks.com our sponsor have sent us the mystery product and we’re about to find out what it is? Mario, you get the honors. What is in the box? Its heavier than the usuall. I’m opening up the box. We got two items. One for you and one for me, and you always get the pink one. I always get the pink one. Well this is called the E-POC-IT and it works for the 4th and the 5th generation iPod nano. Umm from just the back of the box i can see that its basicly a dock and also an armband that uses magnet to hold it together. So umm since Max already open the box, what can you see? Well heres the armband that attached and the magnets are ridiculously strong. Actually I’m having a hard time to get this thing open. Well its actually pretty sturdy. Yeah umm the plastic is very durable. Oh wow. Okay this the magnet part right here. Right here. Once you open the box it seems pretty complicated and because it have a lot of different compartement and the instruction aren’t that detail about it but after we play around with it a little bit we figured it out that this is a very strong magnet. Oww, very strong. Very very strong so becareful. So you open this part, so you should attach your iPod nano 4th or 5th generation right here. And, another part is over here. These are the really strong magnetic part but you can also attach it here. So if you wanna put this. The reason why it has magnet so you can put it underneath your clothes when you’re going to the gym, running, or whatever you wanna do. What you wanna do is put this part over here with the circle, the two circle, and put underneath your shirt, put the other part on top of it. Get my fingers out of the way when you do that. Yeah, it snap really really strong. And after you got your nano attached to here, so attach it here. Its pretty strong like, thats only if i pull it. If i run. Afraid its gonna smack me in the face. Its its so like I’m moving it pretty abruptly and its stay. Which is kinda cool and then it also comes with an armband. Max you wanna explain how to install the armband. Of course, so it comes with an armband thats attached by velcro. So you can slide this trough. I would take the magnetic strip off, and oh its sticking on the armband, can you hold that for me, thanks Mario. Pull this bad boys apart. This are really strong so don’t get your fingers between them like I did. Lace it on trough. After you take it apart its actually easier to lace them trough. Then you can snap back together. It scares me everytime and. I’m gonna put this on first. Mario is gonna go ahead and. Remember this side is going out because. The side that looks like a hover board, thats the side that goes to your arm. I go to the gym so its probably won’t fit me. Right, once you attached that, so after that attached it back and you can pretty much move around like the way i did before and its not gonna. I don’t know what you do at the gym like this, but you know, if you did, it works. Overall i think this is a pretty nifty product, umm i forgot to mention that it also comes with an area where you can put the cord in or you tie in the cord which is pretty nifty, a lot of cases don’t have that. And it also have those little clips where you can actually, well you know, end the cord and hang it. So, not bad it does what it needs to do and umm as always accessorygeeks.com has provided a daily giveaways. So Mario can you tell us a little bit about. Yup, according to the instruction that we got from the box, umm the giveaway is something related to armband since this nifty little product is an armband, one lucky winner and look random commentor down here, who will get a special message from us with the special coupon code related to armband. So if you wanna know what the prize is, you have to comment , and maybe you’re the winner. So thanks again for watching another episode of Whats In The Box sponsored by accessorygeek.com. I’m Max and, Mario, And we, Got it from the geek.