Welcome to the episode of Whats In The Box, sponsored by acccessorygeeks.com. I’m Max, Mario, and we have another afafafafafafafafaa i speak english, we have another item from accessorygeeks.com sent over to us. So once Mario unboxing our mystery item. I would just like to tell you thats a very cold day in the office. I honestly, this is the part of the day that i really like because i don’t know what we’re getting, and we got something pink. Ooh probably for me. Cause as we know they seem to favor the pink items, specificly for me. Ooh they are speakers, thats cool. Yea this is the ILUV Active Sound Portable Speakers. Well what can you tell me about it? Well for one, you need batteries to operate it. Yup and actually it needs 2 AA batteries. Its not included within it. Unfortunately its not included but, they didnt send us batteries. Why don’t you go find some batteries, while I’ll tell us more about the product hahahaha. So, now its just The Max’s Show. Umm a little bit about the ILUV Speakers, as you can see here they’re a bit umm they are portable and they come with a zipper and a coating, now the zipper and the coating are actually so you can fit your iPod in there as well so you can carry around your iPod and your speakers all in one nifty little case. Umm its pretty durable unfortunately we wouldn’t be able to test out the sound until Mario comes back with the batteries. But here you can see… i believe this a 2.5mm jack? Is it a 2.5mm jack or 25mm jack Mario? Its a standard 3.5mm jack so figure iPhone, your iPod, and basicly any other device that you can think of and we take it trough 3.5mm jack. Some, most phone these days as well. Most Phones, most mp3 players. Did you mention that it come with 5 different colors? I didn’t mention that it come with 5 different colors. Tell us what colors it comes in. Well I dont know if you can see it? Because the 5 different colors is the black one, the pink one, the orange one, the lime green, and the blue. I’m sure they have their own color code but no particular. Okay so why don’t we give our stereo a test. I’m gonna start at the lowest possible volume on my phone and gradually go up so we can test the quality. Thats the max volume. Pretty good quality. Not bad. Now can you tell me the origin of where its coming from? Is that actually coming from in here? No its actually coming out from these 2 speakers right here. The one is actually like outside. Umm they call this the active sound portable speaker because theres a small compartement over here where you can put your phone or any mp3 device. As i did tell earlier. Yup, zip it up, well put the cable in before. Thats allright Mario, you goes batteries and we left you for it. Yup and you can hang it, i dont know, for me I’m gonna try to hang it on my zipper right here. Hopefully doesn’t slide down, which it did, i don’t know. But basicly you clip it to your backpack, you can clip it to your purse. Anything that you would want to carry this around with. Its even great for the beach, especially because one, you don’t have to worry about sand getting on your device because its enclosed and two, you can carry your music anywhere. Yup but one thing I am kinda worry about is actually the speakers because while I was opening the box, I kinda accidently touched the speaker part. Its a little bit too open for me. But you know, for whatever its… whatever price this is, I think its pretty worth it. I believes this goes for nineteen ninety nine on accessorygeeks.com. And you can get tempersonyu.. temperson? Ten percent. I’m not French. Ten percent off using the youtube subscriber code on this channel. So not bad and i believe as always accessorygeeks.com has something special for one random commentor. So Mario can you tell us a little bit about that? Yup, one random commentor down below will be selected to recieve a special coupon code that pretains anything to do with speakers, but we don’t know the detail of it, it could be a range of ten percent to fifty percent off on speakers I honestly don’t know. So, we’re gonna get one lucky winner and send ‘em, well you know, about the coupon and he or she can use the coupon to shop on accessorygeeks.com. So thats the ILUV device sent to us from accessorygeeks.com. I’m Max, Mario, and we got from the geek.